Day 6, Simbang Gabi - Mary's unique role

4th Sunday of Advent

Reading: Luke 1:26 - 38

We have corrected our false notion of a Christless Christmas. Now we turn toward His second coming and the end of world. We are called to imitate St. John as he dedicates his to preparing the Lord’s way and to help us focus on giving witness to the light. Now, there is none other reflecting the Lord’s light than the light reflected by the Blessed Mother.

Mary who is immaculately conceived carries within her the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Mary, who is the product of pure love, carries Jesus within herself and her exclusive role in the work of salvation,. Mary is the model par-excellence of a Christian, a prototype – when she dedicated herself to the Lord, entrusted her life to him and allowed him to mold her to becoming the mother of Christ and mother of the Church.

We too should imitate Mary in our path of becoming authentic Christians. We may not be at par with her, but the least of all our efforts in doing so will always be looked upon by the Lord with kindness.


  1. I bet your Christmas will be so meaningful and joyful because you'll celebrate it with persons you love at your side...Anyway, we will be home soon. Merry Christmas papa tolitz.


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