Day 8, simbang gabi - After Mary, who else?

Gospel: Luke 1: 57- 66

As the themes of the Simbang Gabi are exposed, various characters serve as models in preparing for the coming of the Lord. We inculcate the discipline of John the Baptist and the obedience of St. Joseph. We learn from the fault of Zechariah while we regard with highest esteem the fiat the Blessed Virgin Mary. Who else is significant in the unfolding of this Christmas story? We are. As Zechariah's child was named "John" to signify that his history is now of divine origin, we now understand the full meaning of our identity the moment we were baptized - the Lord seized us and made us His own.

Secondly, as John was known to have God-given qualities, so too we are given gifts by the Holy Spirit to use in this world and help us come closer to our Lord. And as John realized his mission to prepare the way of the Lord, so too we have a mission given by the Lord to do in this world.

We are very much a part of this Christmas story. Christ's coming would rely on our response to do God's will.