Day 7, Simbang Gabi - Rejoicing

Gospel: Luke 1:46-56

There are two main theme's to Mary's Magnificat - God's magnificence and uplifting the poor.

Have you noticed that the more Mary rejoices, the more the Lord is exalted? This is so different from our case when we rejoice over our accomplishments, we lift ourselves. But with Mary, her humility and poverty give rise to the glory of God; everything is the Lord's.

Secondly, Mary reveals God justice - the proud shall be humbled while the poor will be blessed. Mary becomes the spokesperson of the poor and the persecuted. She gives birth to the Church of the Poor, with the Lord lifting them up. Isn't this the essence of salvation? Isn't this Christmas?

Therefore, let us rejoice with the joy of Mary. May God be praised always and forever!