Prepare the way of the Lord

2nd Sunday of Advent
Cycle B
Gospel: Mark 1: 1-8

In preparing for the second coming of the Lord, we need imitate the spirituality of St. John the Baptist in three points:

First, John's vision of preparing the way of the Lord is so clear to him. That is why his motivation to move people to repentance is beyond compare. What is our vision? Where are we going in this world?

Second: John lived a simple life. His spirituality is reflected in his very being. There are no side trips as far as he is concerned. If we say we love God then let our lives reflect it.

Third: his life is centered on Jesus. Even if he hadn’t seen him, his encounter with the Lord was for him the greatest moment of his life. He even instructed his disciples to follow the Lord, “I must decrease while He must increase.” Who is Jesus for us? Is our knowledge of him enough to move us out of our own selfish confines and serve Him?

Pray for a true and last Christmas, not just the fleeting and momentary one.