Reflecting God

Simbang gabi, day 1

Gospel reading: John 5:33-36

It’s a mystery, but sometimes, people who are in love tend to look alike, feel alike, act alike. There is a fusion of world. I tend to identify with the beloved.

A family is identified with God. It is a direct reflection of God. Like St. John the Baptist who mirrored God’s will so the family is a direct mirror of God’s love. Maybe this is the best opportunity for the family to reflect if indeed we have become worthy mirrors of the love of God.

St. John pointed out two realities. First, when he likened himself to a light, reflected from the light of God. But he himself is not the light. Pray that we may not be self-centered. There is nothing in this world that we can be proud of by ourselves. Even the pride of our families, they are not our own. Grant that we may let go slowly of our possession of our families and enter into the bigger family of God.

Second, Jesus said, “Know by the works I do.” Eventually, we shall be judged this way. May I ask everyone to reflect what he has done lately and if that action is in accord with God’s will. Eventually, our own actions account to nothing. It is either filled with God or not.

Witnessing, let’s give in to witnessing. If we witness well, we become like the beloved. I tell you, the family as a witness mirrors directly what and who God is. Let the family check on how it is giving witness to God.

Christmas is witnessing. It may be a yearly activity, but if it doesn’t bloom, it’s barren; we may not be witnessing at all.

We can make a resolution to be reflections of God, inculcate the values of God.