Witnessing to the Light

Third Sunday of Advent,
Cycle B,
Gospel reading: JOHN 1 : 6 - 8, 19 - 28
Photo courtesy of: The Catholic Forum

On this third Sunday of Advent let us imitate St. John the Baptist as model of someone who is waiting with excited anticipation the coming of the Beloved.

As such, he also becomes a witness to the “light”. Light is a sure guide against the darkness. Light also gives us our rightful identity of being sons and daughters of the “Light” which is God himself. Finally, this light points to Christ and a deeper knowledge of who he is in our lives.

May I invite us all to ask the following questions: Who are we today and after Christmas – agents of light or darkness? Do we fulfill our proper roles as agents of the light? Finally are we intimately linked with Christ or with the world? The answers to these questions will mold the quality of our lives especially after Christmas.