The world is passing away

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle B
Gospel: Mark 1:14-2

It is remarkable that St. Paul mentioned about the world as passing away and therefore, one should prioritize one's activities here on earth. If the world or our lives were to end soon, how would have spent it?

Jesus did not waste any time in fulfilling his goal. He invited men to join him and become his apostles. The apostles in turn responded quickly and left everything they had to follow Jesus. Then the rest was history - a prophetic, kingly, and priestly Church, the people of God.

Time belongs to God. How quickly do we respond to God's call? How convinced are we to understand that our lives do not belong to us? Let us then imitate the Master in maximizing our time to the fullest. First, let us realize that time doesn't belong to us; it belongs to God. What we are wasting is God's time and our time here on earth. Pray that when the time comes, the Lord may find us using time as He wished us to use it.

Secondly, offer that time to be fruitful. In one management book, an author clarified the work of employees by asking them, "What would be your contribution to the company?" This would also streamline our activities, not only avoiding waste of valuable time, but all to maximize it to the fullest. What would be our contribution to this world? What would be our contribution to God's work?

Let us utilize time in fulfilling the Lord's will and contributing to the work of salvation.