5th Sunday in ordinary time
Cycle B

Jesus heals Peter's mother in law and those of others. A typical day is a life of work and pray. Ora et labora. but an addition to this ... a life with direction.

A sense of meaning enables us to go on and on with life, to see what is in store for us, the life it brings.

Now, with St. Paul's letter, God uses every weakness in us to proclaim His strength. I like that part when he chose to be weak by proclaiming the gospel and that it is his duty to proclaim it and that the best part is his reward is the gospel is proclaimed.

In our lives, we could ask ourselves,"What is our real motivation?" Those who have jobs have their paychecks as their motivation. But how about working even though there is no paycheck? How about the world of volunteerism, when the only payment is when you can see your dream for others come true?

Most of all, happy are those who would gladly give themselves totally to doing God's work. The rewards are enormous - meaningful life in this world and eternal life in the next, not only for ourselves but for others. Choose God.