Easter Experience

Easter Sunday
Cycle B

Where is the risen Christ? Apart from the linen and the open tomb and the hearsay of the women Christ's body was nowhere to be found. But through the eyes of faith, these are enough for a believer to conclude, "Yes, Jesus rose from the dead!"

The Easter celebration in Church give witness to Jesus' resurrection. The lighting of the Easter candle kindles a ray of hope in the darkness of life. The liturgy of the word opens up to various messages of God saving mankind and instilling hope in a wounded world. The rite of Baptism gives way to a new birth, this time to being a new creation in the Lord. And of course, the most Holy Eucharist is a manifestation of Jesus' never-ending offering of himself to the Father on our behalf. The Easter story is there. Jesus is present entirely in the Easter vigil. And the dawn of new life is upon us. Only if we allow ourselves to be touched by the good news, then we will see a renewed world ahead of us and see Christ's presence in our world today.