I told you so

Cycle B
3rd Week of Easter

Time and again we hear it from our parents, "See I told you so." Then again, we commit the same mistakes and we would hear the same words, "See, I told you so." When are we going to learn that indeed, it is so.

Our Lord repeated these words to his apostles, but as a matter of affirmation to all that he did and worked for. "I told you so" that the Paschal mystery, the mystery of salvation would happen, and that the scriptures would be fulfilled, and that He indeed was and is the Messiah, the Savior of the world.

His words and life are found in the Church, but how many of us would adhere to the teachings of the Church. His are the words of everlasting life and the Church springs out from there. We might miss the opportunity to get to know Christ if we belittle the existence of Church by which His truths were safeguarded and preached. Also, we might lose the lifetime opportunity to see, experience and live out the Messiah, Jesus himself through his body, the Church. We would not want to hear at our last breath the words, "See, I told you so" if we started journeying Church from the very beginning of our lives. Let our journey with the Church begin anew.