To enter into the world of sin and death

Palm Sunday
Cycle B
Reading: Mark 14:1-15:47
Photo courtesy of: San Guillermo Parish, Pasig City

Two gospels are presented to us today: one commemorates the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem and another condemning him to the cross. These two give the same message: Jesus freely enters into the word of death because of his total obedience to the Father and the Father offering to us His very own love because He loves us. Jesus eradicated the disobedience of man by becoming sin itself although he is sinless. His cry, “Father, why have you abandoned me?” is the manifestation of this fact. He uttered this not for himself but for us who enter into the world absent of God’s love and presence in sin. Second is the Father’s total love for us. He made salvation possible not because of the grandeur of man but through the folly of the cross. It is His love that saves us.

May we realize that all these are actions of the Lord just to give us the fullness of live. May we journey to our death so that we may rise with Christ.