Our love and God's love

6th Sunday of Easter
Cycle B

Would this count as a typical conversation among couples, "Sweetheart, would your love take me to the heavens? Would we reach heaven itself?"

There is much more than human love; it should reach its fulfillment in heaven. For human love and divine love are one and the same. they both come from God who is love.

If our human love or the motives of all our actions do not reach heaven, better forget it; it is love corrupted; a big joke. May this be a challenge for men and women to stop looking at Catholic weddings as a big expense rather than an opportunity to get to heaven through a lifetime commitment of sacrifice and perfection of love.

Second, God's love knows no bounds. It reaches out to all people whom He loves. So do not limit our love to our families, friends, and close acquaintances. It is false love. We know it deep in our hearts that God calls us to expand our love to accomodate the poor, the sick, those in prison, and simply those who have nothing and start treating them as our own.

Third, God's love reaches within ourselves. We should know by now that there is no limit to giving. To those whom much is given, much is also required. It it from our Lord who totally emptied himself of his divinity to forgive his enemies. The result of the cross is life for us all and forgiveness.

There is no limit to giving. Give until there is nothing else to give. And something that resembles this reality is when we at the end of our lives, when we are totally naked before the Lord; when when would not bring all the things we have received; the key to life is to give everything while we are still alive. For when we have given everything - we will receive Him who loves us totally.


  1. Anonymous8:16 AM

    Human love and Divine love comes from God for God is love.For He is the source of all love.However human love is different from divine love though each has its own merit.
    Human love is imperfect and conditional.It comes from love of oneself,love of family,love of others,helping others through good deeds,acts of mercy but it all stems from doing good just to please ourselves or those people around us and God who loves us.It has its merit simply bec. it is still an act of love though imperfect.

    Divine love on the other hand is perfect. It is unconditional and therefore it is boundless.It is the love that comes from God.This goes beyond our love for ourselves. We love not only those who love us but moreso those who hate us and persecute us,those who cannot give back to us,it goes beyond the call of duty for we give up our own lives in order to attain eternal salvation and thus there are saints,martyrs,heroes.But these comes from God.In order to attain perfection of human love we have to attain that grace from God.As many are called but only few are chosen.It is through divine love that world peace can be achieved.It is through divine love that conversion of sinners could be made possible and it is through divine love that eternal life can be attainable.We have to continually ask for God's blessings and grace for us to achieve this perfection.For only God has the will and the ability to provide us with this blessing.We can will it in our hearts but it is through the grace and love of God that this can be made possible.Let us continue to be a blessing to others and to treat of our lives as a gift that comes from God.

    from Andrea


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