God's concept of life

13th Sunday
Cycle B

In the book of Wisdom, God does not have any intention to bring death but life.

We have our own concept of life, but it does not necessarily bringing life to others, but only to ourselves and our immediate families. Our sense of life is self-limiting. Jesus' life even goes beyond his clothing.

Our sense of life is defined by money, power and fame. Jesus' life of poverty brings life and health to the dead.

Our sense of life is in trying very hard to survive. In Jesus, life is overflowing to the brim that all are living and sharing.

If ever we find this world suffering, from first to third world, from rich to poor, to those in power to those without power, it is because we defined this world to be so. But the world of God is totally different.

Let us change our paradigm. If we think of ourselves, we die. But if we think constantly of others, we live.