We are "food"

Cycle B
17th Sunday

Food has always been a central theme in the scriptures, starting from Genesis where God instructed man to eat anything except the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There seems to be two kinds of food after that: food that leads us to life and one that leads us to death.

In our world today, "food" continues to be the main ingredient to sustain our lives here on earth. Unfortunately, the quest for our own food also leads many to death, crime, poverty and corruption. Selfishness causes food to become scarce and eventually, death.

Jesus chose the metaphor of food to connote his mission and our vocation as Catholics and Christians. Jesus gives himself as food to nourish our souls. His food is not in short supply; it always serves a great many. Finally, his food leads us to eternal life where there is no more hunger.

When we think about food, could we also apply these principles? Food that nourishes the souls of many, food that feeds many, and food that lasts forever that we in our lives here on earth are not found wanting? Obviously, as Jesus is our Food, once we receive it, He is commissioning us to be "food" for others. Who would assist our neighbors to have food on the table starting from the poor? Who would be instruments in leading our brothers and sisters regain their dignity back as useful members of society, worthy of respect instead of constantly extending their arms to receive a coin or an old gift? Who would give them jobs to sustain their families? Who would teach them that God exists and that God is our Food above anything else. If our neighbors are becoming increasing poor, we have ourselves to blame. But if we become instruments of the Lord, we give ourselves a pat on the back. Jesus is dwelling in all of us.