Have we compromised our faith?

22nd Sunday in Ordinary time
Cycle B
photo courtesy of Franciscan Action Network

There are some things in this life that we should regard as "non-negotiables" - freedom, love, trust, respect, honesty. If we haven't compromised these to lesser values, we are indeed blessed.

Faith is non-negotiable, but have we compromised it lately? How do we regard our relationship with the Lord? Do we relegate Him to second place? God also calls us to possess a pristine faith. We are all called to regard our Lord as God above any other. Does He deserve the way we are treating Him right now?

Secondly, we nourish a lively faith if our lives are oriented to serve all people, most specially the poor. All deserve to live, not just ourselves. In the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the universal destination of goods is to render life to all people, even our private properties.

Thirdly, we sustain our faith unto eternal life if we can truly say that we haven't compromised our values. This is our gift to God - ourselves as pleasing offerings.