Happy brithday, Mama Mary!

Gospel: Matthew 1:1-16,18-23

Happy birthday, Blessed Virgin Mary! What gift can I give to you today?

From the book of Micah, you are Bethlehem, the smallest, unknown town, from which the Savior of the world would come. God chooses the weak and the small and make them strong. God gave you to us as a pleasing gift.

From the gospel, we discover God's enormous plan of salvation, far beyond any of us could imagine. And you have a very big part in it. For from you came forth our Savior Jesus Christ.

What gift can I give you today? I will offer you a heart patterned after your heart and the heart of Christ. I offer to you my humble and wounded heart tested by various trials and sufferings. I will offer to you my noble heart, a heart that loves the poor and reaches out to them. I will offer to you my very own life.

Happy, happy birthday, Mama. The whole world, both in heaven and earth, rejoices at your feast. Please whisper each one of us to your beloved baby, Jesus Christ and teach us to live according to his will. Amen.