To see as God sees

cycle B
23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
Photo courtesy of: Grandma Faith's Space

"If you want to see the future, look at it through the eyes of a child.

I say, "If we want to see things, look at it through the eyes of God."

Perhaps God sees the world so differently from ours. For one, through God's eyes, all of us are created good; it's us who chose to follow evil. Let us realize the good in us once and for all.

Second, in God's world there is life, not death. Though we thought we love life, we are also instrumental in bringing death to others by our selfishness. Our self-centered concerns kills others, that overwhelming desire to receive and not to give wastes away a lot of life. Change this attitude.

Lastly, in God world, everybody lives and not just a "chosen few." When I say everybody, I mean everybody. All who are born in this world deserves the kind of life we are experiencing. Have we thought about the greater majority and not just our personal good. Have we thought about others and not just our own family?

Take these paths then and we shall see as God sees - life for everyone.