The fruit of seeing

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
Cycle B
Reading: Mark 10:46-52

"See I told you so!"
When we were young, every time we commit mistakes, our elders would tell us, "See, I told you so." Now, when we're grown up, our inner parents would whisper the same words. We'd give in to these words or not. But sooner or later, we'd realize that the voices are right all along.

The blind Bartimaeus in the gospel today becomes an icon for all of us who are in one way or another become blind to the reality of God's love and are so immersed in the ocean of human imperfection. How will be be like Bartimaeus and be able to see?

First, he called Jesus "The Son of David". He saw in Jesus the reality of being a king. He could see how God works. Could we see enough to place our hopes in Him?

Second, "He said, "I want to see." His request is explicit. Perhaps, we still do not know the core of our troubles. The core of our problems is not because we are receiving little income, nor we only have less in life. The core inside of us is love waiting to be filled and to give itself to others. We are blind to this reality and we fill ourselves with material things.

Third, after being able to see, Bartimaeus followed the Lord. That is the fruit of seeing. What is our fruit after seeing? Kind hearts? Generous spirits? Freedom to serve our Lord?

Pray to see.