The law of love

27th Sunday in ordinary time, cycle B

Gospel: Mark 10: 2 – 16

Jesus repudiated Moses' law of divorce. Why? In the law of love, man or anyone is not higher in stature than their partners. Rather, they are co-equal, having been created by God as “male and female”.

Second, that in the law of love, God is the author; otherwise, if we leave it to man to decide, he will freely do as he pleases.
That is why divorces, trial marriages, live-ins, separations, and adulteries are predominant. With this kind of love, there is no true love because it is divorced from its true source – God. If love is detached from God, it becomes selfish; if it is selfish, then it fails bring life. If there is no life, there is no generation of life.

Love comes from God because God is love. That is why Jesus chose to be one with us in all things except sin. Learn the way God loves. His love is eternal; it is ever faithful; it is fruitful. It produces families. It causes unity in families. It makes us all alive. The contraceptive mentality is opposite to all these. It does not produce love. It makes love die. For with the multiplication of humanity is the love inside people’s hearts for one another; thus, all live. That is God’s love.