The miracle of generosity

32nd Sunday in Ordinary time
Cycle B
Reading: Mark 12: 41-44
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In the book of Kings, the jar and jug that were always filled with flour and oil is indeed a miracle from God. However, the greater miracle there was that the poor widow offered to Elijah her last meal. That is the miracle of generosity.

In today's times, this miracle is dwindling. People's attitude to earn more and receive more is killing the rest who couldn't compete with the harshness of life. But nobody survives in a selfish world. Even the strategy of killing population through contraception is the clearest example of a selfish world invented by man.

Generosity is first demonstrated by God followed by his Son Jesus Christ. It takes one generous act to save the world. We are surviving only on the goodness of God. We are to follow Him so that not only we survive this is world, but but so too others also, most specially the poor. It would be a shame to join the selfless saints in heaven while our objective is just to save our own families.

Be generous with your time, talent, and treasures. If the community is generous, everyone will benefit. It is better to give than to receive.