Day 3: God's masterplan in actuality

Simbang Gabi
Gospel reading: Matthew 1:18-24

The main event for this day is Joseph agreeing to be part of God's plan to take Mary as his wife to start off the work of salvation. It is extraordinary that God would ask for our consent before carrying out His will.

But God always respects our capacity to choose. Unfortunately, we don't utilize this gift of choice well. We use it to turn away from the Lord. Let us utilize this opportunity to align ourselves with God wants and not what we want.

First, God's plan is all encompassing. Undoubtedly it hits all people and breathes life into it. God's plan may be likened to business plans. The only difference is that all of God's promises will come true with or without us. Pray that we may be part of this plan.

Second, there is an assurance of God's presence throughout the whole process. "Emmanuel" means God is with us, manifested concretely by Jesus Christ. We shall always see him around our lives.

Third, to realize the kingdom of God we need to connect with God. We need to align every activity, action, decision to His. Then the Kingdom will come with us in it.

Pray that we would all participate in the unfolding of the history of salvation like St. Joseph.