Day 4: Help us in our unbelief

Simbang Gabi
Reading: Luke 1:5-25

Yesterday, God inaugurated his plan with Joseph. But today, like Zechariah, not all are capable of understanding God's plan. They remain mute, deaf, and blind to the reality of God's presence. Reflect on the following:

1. It is us who prayed for life's blessings but we somehow get lost along the way. Let us remain faithful to the source of blessing. God hasn't broken his promise!

2. The promised blessing will be of highest quality, like God's promise to send an upright man, John the Baptist, into the world. God made us. We cannot be less than who we are.

3. A lot of it still depends on the quality of our faith. The Lord sees through us. The reason prayers are taking more time to be heard is because we are not prepared to see the glory of the Lord. Conversion would entail a life-long commitment before we can see the miracles of God abound. We may have to deal continually with our own disbelief until such time we are prepared to receive God's bounty.