Day 6: reclaiming the innocence of Paradise

Simbang Gabi
Gospel: Lk. 1:39-45

Photo courtesy of: AWF Media gallery

See how the Song of Songs was written: "My Beloved is leaping like gazelle, like a young stag ..." There's much in common with the world of husbands and wives and the Lord's love for us His children, "He is like a young stag..."

The story of Christmas is none other than a love story between us and the Beloved, and Christ as the supreme offshoot of this relationship. It is like a story of paradise all over again, but this time, more intense is our relationship with God. This can only be possible with a thorough, more committed preparation of His coming to our lives this Christmas and the days after that.

Would it still be impossible to recover the story of paradise? Have we really lost touch of our sense of the Lord? Have we forgotten to listen to Him? We can counteract all these if we like Mary, yearn to be "filled with grace". "The child in my womb leapt for joy" seems to be the symbol of pure and unadulterated joy; it is so innocent.

Reclaim by consciously making a commitment to rid ourselves of sin. Second, get genuinely interested in the Beloved who is higher than life itself and our very being. Third, commit to do His will and make Him happy. Be filled with grace and share it with others; then we'll see goodness and life overflow. Then we are ready to receive Christ this Christmas.