The vocation of the family

Feast of the Most Holy Family
Cycle C
Gospel reading: Luke 2:41-52

As we glance at the manger we see the shepherds looking at the Baby Jesus. But we also see in a more central manner the figures of our Lady and Joseph looking tenderly at the newborn King. And not only they are the ones looking but so too millions of families with eyes glued to this holy scene, hoping that many would take Mary, Jesus, and Joseph as the model for their families.

Today, we celebrate the feast of the Most Holy Family. Every father should look at Joseph as the model for fathers - responsible, holy, and faithful. Every father is the mirror of God the Father who provides everything for His children. To provide is not simply giving money; rather, the whole person dedicates the whole himself to provide everything, including soul and life, to his family.

The mother should look at Mary as the model of mothers - inspiring, thankful, lowly, and filled with love. In her, motherhood becomes a fitting offering to God with whom she becomes a "maidservant."

The child should mirror after the Savior of the world; he/she should look up to Jesus as the model of children - obedient, respectful, and supporting to his parent. The love a child receives from his parents should become his strength to do what he is destined to do; i.e. do his Father's will.