To mirror God's love

4th Sunday of Advent
Cycle C
Gospel: Lk. 1: 39 - 44

We have been following the readings as we prepare to celebrate Christmas. Nowadays, there is a growing dichotomy between secular "Christless" Christmas and the authentic Christmas. In the Philippines, this is translated to an overindulgence in parties, merry making, and excessive drinking as compared with those who aim for the true meaning of Christmas through peace and conversion.

Mary is the prime example of the way to Jesus. We may not carry her inherent goodness, but we can be assured with the thought the God created us to be good. It is just a matter of cultivating that goodness in us and in others. Let this be our life's goal.

Mary did not remain inherently "good". She placed herself at the total service of the Divine King. May we also inculcate her words "I am the maidservant of the Lord. Let it be done to me as you say." There is nothing that matches a person who commits himself to totally doing God's will. In fact, this should be the only thing we should be doing in this world.

Thirdly, Mary realized God's will in her life. Let us lives be mirrors of God's love as a moon mirrors the light of the sun. Only then could we joyfully see Jesus, the real essence of Christmas. He is love abounding. Only then could we see the multiplication of love and service.