Will the real Christian please stand?

4th Sunday, cycle C
Gospel: Lk. 4: 21 - 30

In Jeremiah, God prepares his servant for some real action; he would be a prophet of God. In the gospel, as Jesus started his public ministry, he was met with resistance.

In today's world we have a garbled view on what it means to be a Christian. But before things get more confusing, let us go back to the root of the word. Without Christ, I am nothing.

A Christian knows Christ through and through. He knows Christ from Catechism; but he also knows him through prayer and action. His life is a continual contemplation of the presence of Jesus in his life. He is a friend of the Lord.

A Christian is a follower of the Lord. He fully decides to join his ranks. He consents to bring his full self toward him and follow him wherever he goes. The Christian then is not preoccupied with the world's affairs. His joy is to follow Jesus whom he loves.

A Christian is a witness of everything the Lord stood for. He becomes an Alter Christus in the process, sharing his life to others because of love for him. Only then could we see the unfolding of Christ's presence among us through the modern-day prophets. We hope to be one among the prophets of the Lord.