God's word vs. man's word

5th Sunday in ordinary time
Cycle C
Gospel: Luke 5: 1-11
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Perhaps we can infer that there is a tension going on between God's word and man's.

In the age of relativism, there is no absolute truth anymore; rather, truth is relative and that people's thoughts are relegated to opinions.

But God's word is still supreme, even before time started till the Covenant. Its offers life to us and serves as guidepost to giving life to others and giving Glory to God.

This word is brought to fulfillment in the person of Jesus Christ, "The Word made flesh" who dwelt among us. We in conscience cannot admit that what Jesus said and did in this world is a product of mere opinion, and that his truth is as good as anybody else.

Let us admit that fact that if people are left on his or her ways, this world will eventually collapse. But God's word will live forever. Much more, it is found in the hearts of dedicated Christians who stand by Jesus and do His will on earth.

Let us always keep God's word alive!