Be a new creation

4th Sunday of Lent,
Cycle C
Gospel: LUKE 15 : 1 - 3, 11 - 32

The Lenten season is meant to renew us and make our faith livelier. In the second reading, St. Paul describes the Christians as the "new creation" in Christ. But what does it mean for us to be new creations after this season?

First, to be new creation means to recognize our genesis in God. Once and for all we make a firm decision to participate in the creation that is continually going on, i.e., the creation of hearts that are oriented in and toward God.

Second, to be new creation means to bring out all ingenuity to preach the good news and cause the renewal of peoples. If I find myself creative in other things, why not in the work of God?

Third, to be new creation means to be pregnant, to bear the fruits of grace. For a country of 80% Catholics, it is nearly impossible that the Philippines would remain in the shackles of poverty if all people are renewed in their faith. Otherwise, being Catholic remains only in the baptismal certificates and not in actual life.

May we be new creations in God.