Intimacy with Jesus

5th Sunday of Lent
Cycle C
Gospel: John 8:1-11
Photo courtesy of Vignan Das Gangula's Page

The more we come closer to celebrating Holy Week, the more we get to realize that this is not the story of our conversion; rather, this becomes a story of our intimacy with the redeemer of our lives, Jesus Christ, the one who is to enter into his death for our sake.

Intimacy is a loaded word. We cannot imagine not entering into intimacy with anybody. We will just wither away and die. How about intimacy with Jesus? Do we give it a thought? By this we will realize that Christianity is not just about being good and avoiding evil; it is more about our intimacy with Jesus who is everything in our lives.

Jesus is the sacrament of the Father. He is intimately linked with Him. Our way to the Father is only through Jesus.

Jesus is the forgiveness of the Father. No matter how much we ask for forgiveness by praying directly to God, it is only through Jesus through the sacrament of Reconciliation can we attain real forgiveness.

Jesus is the way to the Father. Our lives are one big journey, not to financial security, but to salvation. Are we traveling in the right direction or are we lost? When we are on a journey, we involve our whole selves. Reflect if our every action leads us to way of salvation for ourselves and others.

Then we are ready to encounter the suffering Lord this Holy Week. Let his cross be ours for the sake of love.