Let us enter into Jerusalem!

Palm Sunday, Cycle C
Gospel:  LUKE 22 : 14 -- 23 : 56

Enter into Jerusalem with Jesus!

Jerusalem connotes the heavenly Jerusalem, our final destination in heaven.  But it also connotes how Jesus would lead us there - through the power of the cross.

We are entering Jerusalem because of the triumph of love that Jesus initiated.  Now the bond between us and His Father would not be separated for all times.

We enter Jerusalem because of the triumph of forgiveness and not vengeance. Jesus shows us the key to life by giving all others the opportunity to live.

We enter Jerusalem because of the triumph of generosity. Jesus entrusts his whole self on our behalf.   Offering ourselves to God means being available to give our time, talents, and treasures for His work.

Let us enter Jerusalem with Jesus.  Let our lives be stories of the triumph of love, forgiveness, and generosity.