Our transfigurations

2nd Sunday of Lent
Cycle C
Gospel: Lk. 9, 28-36

The message of the transfiguration of Jesus points to his divinity which people didn't recognize at the time, judging from his physical appearance. But Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. His divinity emanates from his humanity.

Do we see divinity emanating from our humanity as well? If not, then consider this: ever since we were created, God already placed divinity inside of us when we were baptized. Also, everything God created was good, including us. Our humanity should not be a lame excuse for us to continue living in darkness and sin simply because we are not children of darkness. We all come from God, and we are all good.

Thus, we need to do something to increase emanation of the light inside us. We need to expose ourselves more with the source of Light whom we may have neglected to know all these years. Let us expose ourselves more to areas where we could detect the presence of Lord instead of wallowing in dark activities.

Finally, we need to emanate that light inside of us by concrete actions. If all Christians would just let that light out, including our present leaders, then the Philippines would be living proof of the Light of Christ. We may have forgotten that we the Church are the body of Christ here on earth.