In search for lasting peace

2nd Sunday of Easter
Cycle C
Gospel: John 20:19-31

Jesus repeated these words to impart the power of the resurrection to his apostles, "Peace be with you."  What does "peace" mean?

Peace is not the absence of war.  Unrest complicates things and brings havoc to one's life.  It is truth that will lead one to freedom, learning from the words, "The truth shall set us free."  If need be, let us confront and not repress unfreedom.  Only then can we also help others to gain real peace.

Second, peace is equated with life itself.  Peace is attained only in a world filled with justice and love.  It is tantamount to seeing heaven here on earth.  If it is life itself, then we need to take part in it and invest time, talent, and treasure to make peace work for others, for ourselves, and for God.

Finally, we need a huge dosage of faith to realize peace.  Only a life oriented in the Lord can earn true peace.  The others are all a sham.

Pray for true peace!