Final commendations

6th Sunday of Easter, Cycle C
Gospel: John 14:23-29
Photo courtesy of One Year Bible Blog

In the gospel Jesus gives final instructions to his apostles before he is led to the slaughter.

In this last Sunday of Easter, Jesus also gives his final commands to us before going up to heaven.

I would summarize Jesus' message in three realities: love, Holy Spirit, and peace.

"Love one another as I have loved you" - let us start aligning our love with Christ's love.  Every love inside our hearts is coming from the Triune God.  Then we will know whom to love and how to love truly.

Holy Spirit - the Lord will not leave us abandoned.  With the gift of discernment, anything we do in this world is properly supervised by the Holy Spirit.  Nothing could go wrong.

Peace - Peace is not the absence of war.  On the contrary, we enter into war to insure lasting peace.  It entails making day-to-day sacrifices to insure the growth of our lives.  It is joining the PPCRV in the Philippines to ensure clean, honest, and orderly elections.  The way of peace today is our ticket to lasting peace tomorrow.

I hope we have learned something while Christ is still on earth.  And when he would go back to heaven, we already would know what to do here on earth.