How deeply do we know Jesus?

12th Sunday in Ordinary time, Cycle C 

There are three levels of relationships: the first is the head level; here we know someone's opinion about issues.  In this level, the heart is not involved.

The second level involves the heart.  Here we come to know how the other feels about things.  We can feel as the other feels.  In this level we clarify what is behind a certain feeling.

The third level is the gut level.  Here, no words are uttered; we are deeply one with each other.  We came to be one with each other because gut involves everything in us as we give ourselves to to the other.

What level have we known Jesus? Do we open our bibles to read about him and share his word to others?

Secondly, have we felt as Jesus felt?  When his apostles abandoned him, how do we feel about that?  Do we feel like leaving the Lord also?  Have we asked how he felt about things and people?  Do we share his feelings for mankind?

Finally, have we put our lives on the line just to follow the Lord because we are fully convinced that the path he took would lead us to salvation?  How about laying down our lives for the sake of our children?  Have we done what needs to be done to insure their salvation - to the point of sacrificing our lives for them as Jesus did?

Let us yearn to know, to love, and serve the Lord.  He is worth offering our lives to.