Be a modern-day disciple

14th Sunday, Cycle C

Rejoice when Jesus says, "The harvest is great".  We have a God who looks at the positive, not on the negative; who chooses abundance and an overflow of blessings over scarcity.

But where are workers?  Jesus says, "Beg the Master to send laborers to the harvest."  Then he immediately instructs his disciples to go forth to the towns in his name.  Jesus also commands us to go forth and bear fruit.

But despite God's promises why do we still not follow him and work in his field?  Probably we are carrying too much baggage.  Maybe we have programmed our lives that we don't have time to do God's work.  De-clutter with the useless concerns - these are the things we won't bring to eternal life.  Invest in things that will last forever.

Secondly, We don't follow because we don't desire to bring peace to people's lives.  Jesus commands his disciples, "In whatever house you enter say, "Peace to this household."  But if we don't bring peace to others, we won't gain peace for ourselves.  Our lives would be a never-ending struggle to survive.  If we bring peace to others, we would gain peace for ourselves.

Finally, we don't become Jesus' disciples because it is not God's kingdom we serve but our own kingdoms.  Yes, we serve ourselves, but in God's kingdom everyone lives; there is justice, peace, equality; there are blessings; the poor are served. 

Pray to be God's disciples.  It may be the best decision we would make.