Be faithful

19th Sunday, cycle C

"It is not because we have served him well, but because we are faithful."

I remember the song "What matters most."  "It's not how long we held each others hands; what matters is how well we love each other."  Sooner or later, the only sign of a successful marriage is the time the couple spent together.  "What matters most is that we've loved at all."

We are concerned if we have given God what is due him.  That is why we think of giving to the poor after we've spend some for ourselves.  But the point of the entire gospel is how much we've been faithful to him.

When people are faithful, they value the Beloved; knowing that He loved them first.

When people are faithful, their lives change for the better.  They become like the Beloved.

When people are faithful, they abound in good works, to the pleasure of the Beloved.

When people are faithful, they stay with Him till the very end.

It is not what we've done for God, what matters is if we've been faithful all along.

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