Christ the King

Cycle C, Solemnity of Christ the King

Never for once could the kingship of Jesus be similar to that of earthly kings and queens, presidents and those in power we see today.  He humbled himself, but God exulted him, giving him the name above all names, for it shall be proclaimed by all that Jesus Christ is LORD.

What makes him a king above all the rest?  Three things:
1. His power emanated from His Father in heaven - thus all goodness and justice would be exercised by him;
2. His kingship is eternal while others tried in vain to perpetuate themselves in power - What lasting legacy we would leave our children and our people? Of course, the things that would reach eternity;
3. His power reaches to down below - to the depths of man's reality, and from there he starts the path of healing.  Let us finally commit ourselves to uplifting those who in time have reached the lowest ebb of their lives; let us help to lift them up and bring back their dignity.

Jesus' power as king reaches to the ends of the earth, to the highest and lowest of life, to the shortest of time till eternity, to lift us all.  May we who are limited, small and weak, commit our lives to do what the Master pleases.