Be docile to God

Day 3: Simbang Gabi
Reading: Matthew 1:18-24

For this third day, I believe that the Holy Spirit is asking each one of us if we are ready to take part in doing God's work.

This is precisely who Joseph is for us.  We need his virtue so we can take part in the incarnation of the Holy Spirit.  We need the grace of docility in Joseph.

1. Joseph is in touch with righteousness - his willingness to leave Mary is to spare her from death.  He is willing to sacrifice for her.  Pray to stay on the right course of life.
2. Joseph submits to the angel's wishes - his decision is not final.  Even though it was a dream, he was fully convinced of God's plan.   We can accomplish so many things if we only submit to the Father's wishes.
3. Joseph performed his fatherly role with so much passion. - Every good tree bears good fruit.  This is the action part of salvation.  We are excited to still see this unfold in our lives.  Plan well, do well, live well.  But do all these as God wants.