The gift of prophecy

Day 8, Simbang Gabi, Set A, Reading: Luke 1:57-66

After Mary's fiat and the the fruits of the Holy Spirit overflow, are we ready to bring Christ to the world?

This gospel invites us to focus on the gift of prophecy which is sorely lacking in today's world. When Christians turn off their prophetic role, evil finds its way in the world.

Sin makes us blind, deaf, mute.  Grace opens our eyes, fine tunes our ears, and tames our tongues.  Real prophets:

1. are able to see the divine in the midst of the material world.  They are not blind to the sin around them.  They denounce it.  They proclaim the presence of the Lord in the world.
2. Prophets are able to hear the sound amidst the silence.  People of the world remain deaf to the cries of the poor and the suffering.  Prophets could feel the sentiments of the poor and bounce into action.  They are able to hear the voice of God telling them what to do to cure the ills caused by sin.
3. Prophets are definitely not mute is speaking the truths of God.  Rather, they would prefer to suffer persecution and even death rather than silence God's word.

Taking all these, prophets cause God to be present in the world to cure people and bring healing and freedom to them.  Grant that we may turn out to be true prophets delivering Christ into the world.