Fulfilling our Fiat

Day 5, Simbang Gabi, Cycle A, Lk. 1: 26 - 38

By now, we may be enthralled with the life offered by Immanuel, for now, he reveals himself to us.  What we need now is the spirit of Mary as she said "Yes!" to doing God's will.

"Fiat" is a Latin word meaning "Let it be done." Things haven't happened yet Mary already gave herself fully into the cause.  Into what?  Doing God's will.

How do we give in to to Fiat to God?  How do we remove the fear inside our hearts of following God's will?

1. Do some  practical calculations - if I do my own will, how many people will benefit? How many will benefit if I give in to God?  What do I receive if I follow my own will?  What do I receive if I follow His will?
2. Do some visioning (spiritual) - What could life be like if I do my own will?  How happy would I be?  Now what would life be if I follow God's will?  How will the world be like if I follow what I want and if I follow what he wants?
3.  Core of my existence - Why did He create me in the first place?  What is my mission in this world?  How could I survive if I follow His will and if I follow my own? 

From all these, may we see a new world unfold if only people including ourselves follow God's will.  I'm sure the world will be a better place to be.