God in the familiy

Day 2, Simbang Gabi

Inspired by the opening of the CBCP Year of the Youth this 2011, the Bishops invoked Jn 5: 33ff that says a lot about becoming a witness.  The young people are invited to give testimony to the living God through Jesus.  So, this is our prayer - that we may see the face of salvation through Jesus Christ this Christmas.

The genealogy of Jesus orients us to the fact the Jesus is true man born in this world just like the rest of mankind - with a lineage.  So, if we want to see Jesus in the concrete, I would invite us all to carry our family lineage so that we can all see Jesus, from our ancestors right to the next generation.

Let us pray to heal our family.  Let us reflect where in the family tree goodness prevails, and third, that we clarify where our lineage is really going?  Is everybody in the family going to God?

Pray to incarnate Jesus in the family lineage.