God with us

Day 4, Simbang Gabi, cycle A

After our ancestor and Joseph, what are we really prepared for this day?

Ahaz was filled with fear, but God assured him of a child to be born and his name shall be Immanuel, meaning God with us.

God is always with us.  But how should we train ourselves to recognize that God is with us?

1. Breathe we know God is with us. (physical) - He is the breath of life, giving life to our mortal bodies.
2. Love and we know God is with us. (social) - If we love others the same way God loves us, then God resides in us.
3. Save and we know God is with us. (integral) - If we do the same work Jesus did and be the instrument of salvation for others, then God is with us.

God has been with us all along.