How to see the extraordinary in the ordinary

3rd Sunday of Advent, Cycle A

As Christmas is fast approaching, with all the Christmas preparations around us, are we truly searching for Christmas in the right areas?

Jesus reprimanded the people, "What are you looking for in the desert - a man dressed in fine robes?"  Sooner or later they would not be able to recognize the Messiah even if he was in front of them.

Dare to see Jesus in the ordinary.  Make every meeting with people special.  Because they are gifts.  We could know how important people and things are once they are no more.  Make ordinary things special.

Secondly, learn to see the gift in all things and people.  Everything is an opportunity - the Church, the family, even our enemies.  If we don't close our worlds to these things, these will surely lead us to life and to God.

Third, make everything instruments of salvation - everything in us and around us could be instruments to lead others to salvation - even eating, drinking, and resting.  At the end of the day, reflect if all our interventions in the world lead others to God, to life, to forgiveness, to salvation, then everything becomes special.  Everything becomes God's presence.  That is what Emmanuel means, "God with us".