On promises

2nd Sunday of Advent, cycle A

"Promises get nailed."  That's why we get cynical when someone gives promises.  We too don't give promises.

But we are immersed in so many promises - promises of a product that would make us young, strong, vibrant, schools that promise us good paying jobs, parents who will give us the best care, and so forth.  To which of these would we believe in?

Have we believed in the promises of God or of salvation?  Have we relied totally on Jesus or have we turned cynical, not engaging too much in the works of faith?

But the promises of the Lord is far too superior than any of our promises.  For one, the promise is coming from the sincerest of hearts - the heart of God himself who feels our pain.

Second, the promises of the Lord is carried on by his worthy servants who gave everything they have for God.  John the Baptist is a classic example.  His whole life is a living witness that God's promises are true because he puts his life on the life.  Of course, so did Jesus.

Third, God's promises bear fruits far greater than any other promises.  The effect is tremendous - the salvation of the whole of mankind and everyone living in the fullness of God.

The lesson here is simple: open our hearts to the Lord; do not be cynical.  Serve him with all our might.  Because His promises are true.