Prince of Peace

Photo courtesy of Musings of a Catholic Mom

Midnight Mass
Solemnity of the Christ's Birth
Reading: Luke 2:1-14

After being prepared by the Holy Spirit all these time to meet our Lord, imagine that we are slowly walking towards the manger ... to realize what is in front of us ...

We, who are not far off from the poor shepherds,  are also wounded and humbled by life, weighed down by crosses, persecuted each day, now come towards the humble stable.

We gather together in this great meeting announced by the angels. As we enter into the humble abode of Mary and Joseph, we finally see Him who has just been born into our world.  He cannot speak, but he is already saying a thousand words as a baby to his mother, and the mother feeling every bit with her sleeping child who stayed in her womb for nine months, now wrapped in swaddling clothes.

And as we gaze upon this humble Child, we begin to affirm that:

...  He is our Wonder counselor ... every time we invoke his name, we are consoled, cured of our illnesses, he heals our past, he gives us new life.

...  He is our Prince of Peace ... He brings us in communion with one another, as he has forgiven us, so too we forgive one another, we bring peace to others ...

And He is our Mighty God ... there is power in being a Child, but not an ordinary child, but a Child who loves, a Child who mirrors God himself.  We hold in our hands the King of the world, and allows us to touch him.  That is a real king.  That is our God.

As Christmas has dawned upon us, promise this humble Child to take care of him, to be his strength, to defend him, to fight his cause, to care for him, to share him with others.  This is true Christmas! Merry Merry Christmas to one and all!