The ultimate preparation for Christmas

Day 9, Simbang Gabi, Cycle A, Reading:  Luke 1:67-79

We are almost ready to receive the last set of graces before we receive the ultimate Christmas gift - Jesus himself.  We need to learn from the canticle of a man who was once mute but now could speak.  Now he utters the truths of God and not His own.  And the message of this canticle could be our own:

1. Our need for the Redeemer - He has visited his people; ask what you like the Lord to redeem... once and for all offer it to him and be confident he is already assisting you.
2. Ever faithful groom who never forgets his covenant - it is taking us and whole of humanity its lifetime to be molded according to the bride of Christ.  Not only be patient but remain faithful to Jesus...
3. a prophet to give witness to the glory of God -  Will we be the ones to give witness to salvation of Jesus?

Prepare for the blessed night that is to come.  And the final preparation is this - Plead our Lord to redeem us, dedicate our whole lives to remain faithful to Him; be a living testimony of the salvation of Jesus.