Star of Bethlehem

Feast of the Epiphany, Reading: Mt. 2: 1 - 12

Contrary to popular sentiments that Christmas is over and we're back to our work and school, Christmas is just beginning.  All the excitement and hope for the New Year is now within us and in front of us.  We only need to carry the Child Jesus to where we are going.  We need to share Him with others.  We need His saving presence to change our lives forever.

We need the star to guide us in this path.  Clarify right now what our stars are, then compare it with the Star of Bethlehem.

The star of Bethlehem serves as the vision of our lives.  We know what we are looking for.  Do we really know what we are truly looking for in our lives?  Otherwise, we still remain blind and easy bait to the lures of this world.

The Star of  Bethlehem makes us "wise".  We can see the whole picture.  We see the things that lead people astray.  Other stars lead us to foolishness.  We waste our lives doing that.

The Star of Bethlehem gathers us to life, to love, and to God.  All people become friends, not enemies, and we commit to sharing lives with one another.  It is like our journey to heaven in communion with God and with others.

Focus on the Star and Christmas will stay with us forever.