No permission to sin

6th week in ordinary time, Cycle A

I cannot help but notice the words of Scripture from the book of Ecclesiastes: God never commanded anyone to be godless,  he has given no one permission to sin. (Ecc. 15, 16 - 21)

How about the many time we excused ourselves from leading holy lives because we are only human? He give no one permission to sin.  How about just a little bit of white lie? He has not given us any permission to sin.  How about when we are justified in doing some things that would hurt others?  He has not given us any permission to sin.

Jesus said: "Be perfect as the heavenly Father is perfect."  (Matt. 5:48)  This is the main gauge of Christian life, not the times we have done well or excelled even in holy actions.  The gauge is if we have loved according to how Jesus loved.  This is also our gauge to heaven, that it is our not goodness that will let us enter into heaven, but the presence of Jesus alive in us."

Do not kill ... Jesus wants our relationship with others be full, even with our enemies; all encompassing, thought, word and deed.  Every act done with and for our brothers and sisters, every thought and word, be done be filled with love.  This is absolute, meaning, not only with those who love us, but more so with those who hate us.

Do not commit adultery ...  Jesus wants that our relationship be total because we have given ourselves to the other in total love with no conditions.

Do not break your oath ... Jesus wants wants us to face this realization of our wounded humanity, that we are indeed not capable of being faithful, even to our oaths.  But this act of humility is the source of God's strength in us; for when we are weak, God is strong.  And whatever happens, God will remain faithful with us.  May this unconditional faithfulness of Lord transform us to doing his will and not just make a promise to do it.

So let our lives be living mirrors of God's love; his faithfulness, our faithfulness; His presence, our presence here on earth.  Be holy is an absolute statement, no ifs, no buts.