We are stewards of Jesus

8th Sunday of the year, cycle A, Reading: Matt. 6, 24 - 34

Honestly, do we ever think about being the stewards of Jesus Christ as was said in St. Paul's letter to the Corinthians?

From the English word steiward meaning "household keeper", a steward is an official representative of the king, someone who manages the affairs of someone higher than him, and a leader who has the mandate to govern in the name of his leader.

The common denominator of all of these is the steward unquestionable link and loyalty to his Master.

We are the stewards of Jesus tasked to do three things among others:

1. that whatever happens we remain faithful to the Master, our Father, creator and Lord
2. that we do the affairs God entrusted us to do - this becomes our vocation and mission
3. that we be fruitful servants of the Master.  Note the vineyard full of harvest, but the laborers are scarce.  When will we start working in the vineyard of the Lord?

Think about the fullness of life obtained in serving Him.  This fullness extends to all generations.