The divinization of man

3rd Sunday of Lent, cycle A

The spirit of lent calls us to continue journeying with Jesus with gladness, to be with him in the face of death, and to be with Him in his resurrection.  This should lead us to the newness of life in him.

In his lenten message, Pope Benedict summarized the main message of the transfiguration as the glory of God; but it also marks the divinization of man.  Here he took the apostles up the mountain and to listen to God's voice: "This is my beloved Son."

Pope Benedict invites us to "take a distance away from the noise of daily life and be immersed in the sea of God's presence."  Through this, we discern what is good and evil, reinforcing our will to follow Jesus.  This is the start of divinization: that we commit ourselves to journey with God and learn from His ways.

Divinization also becomes possible in the face of suffering and death when we connect the woundedness of humanity with the wounds of Jesus Christ, whom we know as the one who embraced sin to save us all.  If we can discern the spiritual realities behind our suffering, know that we are one with God.

Finally, divinization reaches its fulfillment when we commit ourselves to bringing others to experience the resurrection of their lives - when the poor are fed, when the sorrowing are consoled, when the sick are visited and so forth.  We partake in the redemptive powers of Jesus Christ.

We do not just become citizens of this world; more so, we become children of heaven.